San Antonio Fashion: Vintage Vows Photo Shoot

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Vintage Vows Fashion stroll was a collaboration of Esme Garcia from Lord & Esme Hair Salon & Spa De Beaute, Albina from Junker’s Paradise and photography by Luisa Garcia.  Esme had a vision to utilize Junker’s Paradise vintage wedding dresses on local models and work her magic in hair and make-up.  Her talents did not fail and her skills shinned through this photo shoot.

Lord & Esme is located in San Antonio’s up and coming Midtown block on Blanco at the Fulton Circle.  The on-site location was perfect for the photo shoot as it added character with bright vintage cars, mysterious alley ways, streets lined with palm trees, an old brick school, the Fulton monument sculpture and vintage stores made perfect for our background setting.  We added pastel balloons for a whimsical vibe and Esme’s talent in make-up had the models faces glistening with a blissful glow.  Our models included Daley Moore (red hair), Jennifer McKee (brown Hair), Gabriel Villanueva and Esme herself in the teal vintage dress.  Jon Doe was apart of the team that day as the Designer Wardrobe Stylist on site for our male model, along with Esme’s brother Allen Gamez who helped with props and family and friends.

The weather was beautiful and the photo shoot team produced amazing results. It truly was a wedding day bliss with magazine cover potential.  The talent in San Antonio is in the hearts of these aspiring artist who’s professional work ethics and strong ambition are sure to take San Antonio fashion to new heights.  Esme is the owner of Lord & Esme where full salon and spa services are provided with a chic and modern style, sure to have you walking out with a beautiful transformation.  Her business has flourished and her talents have been utilized in many prominent events such as The Webb Party and Imagine Fashion Runway.  Jon Doe is a wardrobe stylist with working experience through Tap magazine and Alejandro Cabezut Noriega.  Daley is a model with Doll Face MUA and Jennifer McKee is a fitness and glamour model with Fashion Modeling.  Gabriel is an aspiring musician with undiscovered singing and modeling talents sure to become famous in the near future.

This photo shoot was a dream setting for a photographer such as myself and I was happy to be apart of a great team that day.  A team that worked together to produce a success of avant garde  fashion and beauty.

If you are interested in utilizing our talents please like us on Facebook and contact us to help you build your business or capture your beauty for any event.


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