Worldly Treats close to home

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Do you want to enjoy a night of decadent worldly treats and wine in the comfort of your home?  Well look no further than our very own Gucci-B, to provide you these treats. Central Market is the haven for all fresh foods and beverages from around the world and from our own local farmers. As you walk through the doors of the market the excitement hits you as you experience the bold colors and fresh aromas of the produce.  If you are looking for variety, Central Market is sure to have a wide selection for all your special needs.  My husband and I traveled to Paris for our honeymoon and fell in love with this cheese that we would purchase at the local farmers market near our hotel in the streets of Paris.  We wanted to enjoy that same cheese, along with some of our favorite hors d’oeuvres and wine.

We knew that Central Market was the place to go to help us find our favorite treats from around the world.  My husband did the shopping and successfully found what we were looking to enjoy.  The cheese selection can be overwhelming along with the wine but the HEB Central Market employees are extremely attentive, educated and helpful.  A consultant helped my husband narrow down the selection of cheeses as he gave her some descriptions of the texture and taste of the cheese he was trying to find. After sampling her suggestions, he found the exact cheese we wanted.  He then paired it with both a red and white wine, some recommened crackers from the HEB consultant, my favorite fig spread and rich truffle salami.

As we worked together to fix our platter and pour our wine we talked about Central Market and all it’s great finds.  This combination of hors d’oeuvres is perfect for a foreign movie night at home for anyone looking to enjoy a night of decant treats.  You only need a few selections on your plate and this recommended combination is sure to take your palette around the world.

Cantelet French Semi Soft Cheese

Croccantini Bites Original

Dalmatia Fig Spread

Montegrappa Aged (Veneto)

Milanos Truffle Salami

Le Gran Noir de France

Naked Riesling


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