Top 15 Lenten Restaurants in San Antonio, TX

Lent is an important time of fasting and abstinence in the community of San Antonio which has a large population of Catholics that observe this practice.  Lent is a 40 day period focused on prayer and penance before Easter.  Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends the day before Easter which is Holy Saturday.  Many of the people of San Antonio commit to giving up certain luxuries as their form of penitence.  Desserts, sodas, alcohol, candy or for some, it is a particular habit or food they feel they need to sacrifice. The traditional days of abstaining from eating flesh meat are Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and all Fridays during lent. These days are observed to honor Christ who sacrificed his own flesh on a Friday.

If you pass by a Fred’s Fried Fish or any fish restaurant in San Antonio on a Friday during lent you will be sure to see a line of people out the door or waiting at the drive-thru. Some of the traditional foods in the community are some favorite plates such as nopalitos, salmon patties, lentil soup, tilapia, chille relleno, papas and quesadillas.  Some of my all time favorite desserts during lent are capirotada, sopapillas and flan.  It is hard to miss this time of year in San Antonio as all the restaurants are advertising with signs and menu specials with lenten food.  I know in my home, it is tradition for my mother and I to make my dad’s favorite capirotada together and to grill or have fish fry dinners on Fridays with the family.  It is a beautiful time of year of Easter celebration and wonderful lenten food.

Here are the top 15 local Lenten restaurants in San Antonio that have traditionally been some favorites amongst the locals:

Taco Cabana: Shrimp Tampico

J. Anthony’s

Fred’s Fried Fish

Grand Agave


Camaron Pelado

Rudy’s Seafood

Plaza’s Mexican Restaurant

Taco Haven

Fish City Grill

Bud Jones


La Playa


Chile Tomate & Cebolla Mexican Restaurant


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